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Blueberry Earn

Leverage for any way to earn in DeFi - Trade, Farm, Arb, Provide Liquidity, do anything with up to 10x more capital.

Reach out to the team on Discord to integrate your favourite protocol.

Trade + Earn

Get Paid to Go Long

Borrow up to 6x stablecoins to long yielding assets like LSDs, allowing you to leverage exposure while earning more than you pay.

Yield-bearing derivatives may de-peg from the underlying asset price, and interest rates may fluctuate.


Levered Yield

Leverage Classic Liquidity Pools, Yield Arbs, and more

Employ leverage + earn additional $bdBLB rewards on top DeFi strategies like: Curve, Convex, Sushiswap, and much more.

Customize your approach by choosing any collateral and borrow asset to control your directional exposure.


Concentrated Liq

Automatically Managed
Uni v3 Strategies

Automated concentrated liquidity managed vaults on Uniswap v3. Vaults aim to generate returns relative to a single "deposit asset" while maximizing trading fees earned.

Borrow the deposit asset to earn a pseudo-delta-neutral yield, use leverage to boost.