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Blueberry Lockdrop

Join Blueberry Protocol's 60-day launch event, earn your share of 50M+ bdBLB tokens (5% total supply) as a lender, and secure your stake in decentralized governance for a thriving community.


Days locked


Early withdrawal fee


Supported markets


Token Supply



Lenders are at the core of the Blueberry Protocol, as all leveraged strategies borrow from the lending market. Therefore, the DAO is distributing over 5% of the BLB token supply to lenders for the first 90 days, as lenders are the most important contributors.


What is the duration of the lock?

We secure a stable protocol and liquidity base with a 60-day lockdrop period. After this, pools turn fully liquid. For maximum flexibility, early withdrawal is available with a 1% withdrawal fee


Is Blueberry audited?

Yes, Blueberry has undergone two audits with premier firms Hacken and Sherlock. Please find the reports in the Audits section of the documentation.


Which Networks?

ETH Mainnet - decentralization and access to liquidity are our first priorities. L2’s and more soon.


What is the source of the yield?

The yield originates from lending to Blueberry's levered strategies featured on the Earn page. Launching a few weeks post-Lockdrop, these strategies and borrowing generate returns, alongside $bdBLB token distribution for lenders. The APR comprises both borrow and reward yields.


Can you have ChatGPT explain this like I’m in 7th grade?

Blueberry Protocol is like an online money club for lending and borrowing digital money (cryptocurrencies). By lending, you help others make money and earn extra for yourself, like lending to a friend with a bonus. For 90 days, lenders get extra tokens, giving them a say in the club's management. Lend more, get more tokens and money. After lending, your money is locked for 90 days to ensure enough for borrowers. If needed, you can withdraw early with a small fee.